Manufacturer Custom Stainless Steel/brass High Pressure Hexagon Joint End Plug

Manufacturer Custom Stainless Steel/brass High Pressure Hexagon Joint End Plug

Short Description:

Material  brass/stainless steel
Size 1/2 /3/4
Standard  ISO CE
Colors  brass/stainless steel
Working  0-60℃
Operating Pressure 0-1.0Mpa
Negative pressure -100Kpa(10Torr)
Max. Pressure 1.5Mpa
Connection Male or Female
Surface treatment Nickel Plated
Surface treatment  Nickel Plated
ransport Package Inner Box, Outer Carton, Pallet
Warranty 1 Year

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end plug

Material: brass/stainless steel
Size:1/2 /3/4
Standard: ISO CE
Colors: brass/stainless steel
Working : 0-60℃
Operating Pressure:0-1.0Mpa
Negative pressure:-100Kpa(10Torr)

Max. Pressure:1.5Mpa
Connection:Male or Female
Surface treatment:Nickel Plated
Surface treatment: Nickel Plated
Ransport Package:Inner Box, Outer Carton, Pallet
Warranty:1 Year

Product Details

● Cold or hot water supply
● Heating system including flooring heating, wall heating and radiant system
● Industrial liquids transportation
● have lots of availbale size and model

Product Feature
Vacuum generator using compressed air to form vacuum.New, efficient, clean and economical vacuum components.The product has the advantages of small volume, high vacuum degree, convenient installation and maintenance, good reliability etc.

Compress fitting with staineless steel and brass two material for choose.
Durable, pressure-resistant, and explosion-proof.

The clampling part uses a staineess stell thin-walled ring sleeve. With the help of clamping pliers.The pipe and the o-ring are fully contacted withou gas.There are three sections of serrated ring grooves on the core to form a three-stage labyrinth seal structure to enhance the sealing effect. Doulbe O-ring selas are used to form two selas after connection .When heat expands and cold contracts .the seal rings will automatically rebound and seal.Which is not easy to leak.

Product Advantage
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