Meeting of exchange for sanitary industry

Meeting of exchange for sanitary industry (1)

In 26th of May,2022, Fujiang hot water heating fitting sanitary and valve industry department open one meeting , people from nanan , xiamen and other place same industry nearly 50 people gather to discuss about the water mark ,and the doubt ,difficulty problem while the quality checking face.

Meeting of exchange for sanitary industry (1)

It is understand that , 《China republic application for water mark production catalogue 》and 《Shower machine water mark application rules》, 《water filter machine water mark application rules》,will start from 1st of July of 2022, before this time exw or import production can delay to 1st of July of 2023 to make. This information is connect closely with water heating fitting ,sanitary and valve. Goverment market supervise department leader express , hope through this meeting have deeply discuss and communication ,sanitary industry notice the important of water mark and production quality import for always, keep move up the quality , and this is the way always should do.

One company NIUPOR group company mainly do valve products , they share lots of creative servise suggestions, like the shower set water flow not good ,how to do. Export and in sale products ‘s difference, old style how to change to new..etc.

On the same day ,Fujiang province products quality checking study department ,about the rules and water mark application ,test request and solution detail ,has detail explain. And the same time , for the quality checking normal problems ,and sanitary products standards offer more explain and discuss.

In the interactive communication segment, people show all the question which prepared, and professional people answer them one by one. The take in charge person Wang of Fujian hot water heating and sanitary industry express, in the future will have more and more movements with exactly needed to improve company grow up with high quality.

Post time: Jun-14-2022