The length of the PPR pipe

Introduction: ppr pipe is a new type of pipe. Compared with traditional pipes, it has outstanding advantages, is easy to make and economical, and has a wide range of uses in our daily life. However, when it comes to ppr pipes, many people may not understand , Today, the editor will take you to know this kind of pipe and introduce in detail what is ppr pipe and the production process of ppr pipe.



What is ppr pipe?
PPR pipe refers to random copolymerized polypropylene pipe, which is made of thermal welding technology. The inner wall surface is smooth, and it is not easy to collect dirt. With the addition of an insulation layer, the insulation effect is obvious, the performance is good, corrosion resistance, and high safety during use. , coupled with the moderate price of pipes, ppr pipes are widely used in our daily life
PPR pipes have stable performance, safety and reliability, and long service life. They have played a huge role in drainage, gas transmission, agricultural irrigation, cable protection and transportation of industrial fluids. Especially in urban reconstruction and expansion in recent years, ppr pipes have played a major role With the continuous expansion of market demand, the development prospect of ppr pipe is very good.

Production process of ppr pipe
The first step: according to the use environment and characteristic requirements, select the special material for making ppr resin, and then select various additives according to the requirements of the manufacturing process. The role of additives is to improve the performance of the pipe, improve the manufacturing process, or in some places It directly replaces raw materials and saves raw materials, all of which make the production of pipes smoother
The second step: According to the formula requirements, add the raw materials and various additives into the mixer according to the specified types and quantities and mix them thoroughly. The mixed raw materials have a high temperature, and then put the high-temperature raw materials into the cooler for After cooling, the cooled raw materials are put into the extruder, and after extruding, cutting, and shaping of the extruder, the ppr pipe is produced. During this process, the raw material mixture is subjected to strong pressure and friction in the extruder, and the temperature rises again, finally achieving the effect of complete plasticization.

The third step: After the pipe is cooled, it is gradually shaped, and then the formed pipe is formed by traction, and the formed pipe is cut according to a certain length. The pipe with the same length is inspected, coded, and finally enters the warehouse. The production of the ppr pipe is completed.
The fourth step: every time the production process of the pipe will inevitably produce waste materials, these waste materials can be crushed again and added to the extruder to completely mix with new materials to produce new pipes.
The whole production process of ppr pipe is relatively simple, coupled with its many advantages and low price, it is believed that ppr pipe will be more and more widely used.



Post time: Dec-20-2022