Transition Male Union

Transition Male Union

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The longest lasting pipping systems,bring the most comprehensive piping soutions for diverse water application using the lasts German innvovation Thechnology and 50 years Warranty.
Transition Pieces are used to join 2 different materials safely

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For residential applicatons,assuming normal service conditions,the insulation thickness specified in talbe 5.4 should be used. However ,insulation will not provide permanent protection of the water against warmth.

The specification of technical manual table 5.1 are also applicable where the protection against condensation on the outer surface of the insulation is concerned ,assuming that the water temperature is 10degree.

Product Range

Dt’s piping systems undergoes careful planning designed with versatility to ensure high reliability persormance along with safe and fast installation.

Use 100% new raw import material source to ensure product thoughness and pressure resistance. Quality is guarantee, can offer sample for check. Inner have iron and brass to choose. Can OME customer brand.

Useful widely, Cool and hot water pipe system,housing gas pipe, have many different size to meet customer request.

Have good impact resistance and long-term creep performance. PPR pipe fittings have the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, no scaling and long service life compared with ordinary plastic pipes.
It has good welding performance, and the pipes and fittings can be connected by hot melt and electrofusion, and the installation is very convenient. During transportation, be careful not to store it in the open air, prevent direct sunlight, and keep away from heat sources.

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